January 4, 2019

Systems Integration

Cost and resources are often your biggest considerations in finding the best option for your business. In some cases, it makes sense to maintain legacy systems and integrate them.

Top reasons we see customers integrating with their legacy applications:

  • Reduce manual entry – Re-entering data over and over is money down the drain and poses risk. People simply make mistakes.
  • Improve efficiency – Reducing the amount of time to accomplish a task, especially a repetitive one, can save a lot of time.
  • Ensure data accuracy – With consistent data input and validation, you can allow your team to be more accurate as they engage, use the data, and report. Imagine if someone miss-entered the state, and geography was a criteria for every single marketing campaign that you do. That could mean quite a few missed opportunities!
  • Improve response time and data access – Automation – whether scheduling your integration to run or triggering it to happen real-time – is a common approach. Both these options present the opportunity to ensure your team can access the data they need in a timely fashion to respond promptly to your customers.
  • Ensure better decision making based on better data – Data living in your legacy systems just may be the key to the next big success. Integrating with them to bring your data into the right format and database framework will give your team a competitive advantage as they’re able to be more accurate and strategic.
  • Provide more informed customer engagement – Champion and enable your front line with the information they need to provide the best customer service and be proactive.
  • Reduce cost of ownership and upgrade of systems – Data integration provides significant return on investment benefits via efficiencies in data accuracy and efficient access. This can translate to minimal resources required for things like training that, in the case of using data integration, would be important for a smaller group of people vs. rolling out training across teams.
  • Reduce cost of upgrades – Using appropriate data integration makes it much easier to upgrade your systems, especially when it means upgrading the applications that are integrating with your legacy systems. It’s much easier to update a few connections than to rebuild a custom integration (and to also find the documentation from that one developer who built it).
  • Increase system adoption – People are quick to adopt an application when they are confident in the data. Integration helps produce better, more accurate data. On the contrast, bad data makes it easier to give up on an application and feel like a waste of effort.

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